Five tips to have a healthy long weekend this Easter 🐣

Tips for staying Heart Healthy this Easter

Easter is here, and the long weekend is a great opportunity to take a well-earned break, relax and catch up with family and friends.

Unfortunately, it is also a time when most of us tend to over-indulge; while it takes five minutes to consume a 120g Easter egg, it takes 80 minutes of strenuous exercise to burn that off.

Over-consumption of foods like chocolate and sweets can lead to unhealthy weight gain, which can put you at risk of chronic health problems, including Cardiovascular Disease. Even with the odd chocolate here or there, you don’t have to let Easter break your healthy habits.

Here are our tips for staying healthy this Easter:

Start the day right.

Start the day with a breakfast rich in protein, fiber, and energy, so you aren’t reaching for the chocolate an hour later. Never eat Easter eggs on an empty stomach, as this will wreak havoc on blood sugar levels for the rest of the day.

Eating a nutrient rich breakfast is important as it will keep you from looking for a quick energy hit later, such as sugar or caffeine. Think “what if I switch up a Chocolate egg for an actual egg?”

Stock the fridge with healthy snacks.

With many shops closed over Easter, we can easily reach for the chocolate or takeaway meals to keep us full! Stock your fridge with plenty of fruit and vegetables, and try to snack on these where possible!

Don’t deprive yourself but set a limit.

Having the odd chocolate egg or nibble of a chocolate bunny is fine! Completely avoiding all chocolate over the Easter weekend is unrealistic for most people. Set yourself a limit of how much chocolate you will have and stick to it.

Alcohol is an easy one to over-indulge on when having fun with friends and family as well, so stick to a limit of no more than two standard drinks each day.

Plan exercise with a loved one.

Long weekends are for sleep-ins and relaxing, but it’s good to fit some exercise in where you can. Go for a walk or run with a friend or get active with the whole family by kicking a footy in the backyard or park.

Eat dark chocolate.

The darker the chocolate, the less sugar, and more antioxidants it tends to contain.

Remember Heart Health is for Life.

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