Consultation & Testing

Our cardiologists offer a comprehensive and progressive cardiac care service. Your consultation will involve discussion about your health and medical history. Depending on the individual, the consult may involve addressing preventative issues such as diet, exercise, blood pressure control and cholesterol management as well as any previously identified cardiovascular concerns. All your options may be explored during your consultation.

If it has been identified that further investigation via cardiac testing or a procedure is required this will be discussed with you.

Please contact us if you have any further queries or please read below for more information on Cardiac Testing or click on Procedures.

Cancellation Policy

At Access, we pride ourselves to provide our patients with the best services and high-quality care; therefore, each appointment not cancelled at an appropriate time means a loss of appointment to our patients who could have booked in at that given time. By introducing this policy, we hope patients will consider cancelling their appointments so that others may access them if required.

Due to the high demand for bulk billing testing appointments and an increased number of non- attendances and cancellations for testing appointments, we will be introducing the following fees. These fees will apply to appointments that are not attended or not cancelled 24 hours before the appointment time.

At Access, we reserve the right to charge a non-attendance and cancellation fee of $100.00.

If an appointment is missed, a non-attendance and cancellation fee will be generated to be paid before your next appointment. If a third appointment is missed or not cancelled appropriately, an account will be generated, and you will be informed of possible suspension to services in our clinics until all invoices are paid.

After two attempts of non-attendance, Access will notify your General Practitioner or referring doctor of this non-compliance of attendance. You will be discharged from our services and require a new referral for an appointment.

Booking Terms

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Referral Templates

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