Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

What is Ambulatory Blood Pressure (ABP) Monitoring?

An Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor is a device automatically measures your blood pressure at regular intervals during the day and night for a 24 hour period. It involves using a small blood pressure machine that attaches to a belt around your body and connects via a tube to a cuff wrapped around your upper arm. It is small enough not to obstruct normal daily life while you can even sleep with it on.

Access Cardiology offers partially rebated Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors with only a small out of pocket fee. They are available at all locations with a valid referral and Medicare eligibility.

Why do I need ABP Monitoring?

Your doctor may request you have an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor for the following reasons:

  • To confirm you suffer from high blood pressure and how high the readings are over 24 hours.
  • To establish any fluctuations in blood pressure in everyday life.
  • To eliminate the possibility of ‘White Coat Effect’ – where your blood pressure reading goes up in a doctor’s office when it may otherwise be normal.

An Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor can also show your specialist the following;

  • The effectiveness of medications and if they are successfully controlling your Blood pressure levels.
  • Help in establishing healthy and safe exercise plans. 
What is involved in ABP Monitoring?
  • We will place a blood pressure cuff on the upper arm, and it must remain in place throughout the entire monitoring period.
  • You will wear a small recording device across the shoulder or around the waist.
  • The Blood Pressure cuff inflates every 30‐60 minutes and then deflates to take a reading.
  • The machine will beep prior to the reading, it is important to keep your arm as still as possible when this occurs.
  • We will give you instructions on switching the machine from Day mode to Night Mode. This is important as the reporting cardiologist will want to know if there is a clear difference in the reading.
  • It is important to continue on with your daily routine. We will ask you to keep a diary noting what you did throughout the 24-hour period, specifically recording each time we take your blood pressure.
What will happen following the test?
  • We will ask you to remain in our practice until we take the first reading.
  • Our Specialist Cardiologists will report on the results and images.
  • If you are not in the care of a cardiologist, we will write to your doctor to advise of the results.
  • If follow-up is required, our friendly and caring staff will book you a follow-up appointment with your specialist.
  • Our specialists will work with you to develop an appropriate care plan for future management.

Access Cardiology accepts ALL referrals, request your bulk billed Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor now.

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