Not many people can honestly claim to understand the inner-workings of the human body, but we’re all well aware that we wouldn’t be walking around without a beating heart. The health of your heart has a tremendous effect on your overall physical condition, and keeping it in top shape can improve your quality of life, not to mention potentially add years to it.

However, we’ve known that it’s vital to keep our hearts healthy for years, yet a failure to do so is a major cause of preventable deaths in Australia and an abundance of other nations around the world. Heart disease is one of Australia’s biggest killers, claiming a life every 12 minutes, but the number of heart disease fatalities could be significantly reduced if everybody made just a few small lifestyle changes.

Even adding fruit to your breakfast and making time for a 10-minute daily walk can help you keep your heart in good shape, so don’t think you have to alter every aspect of your life to make a positive difference.

Of course, some heart conditions aren’t caused by bad choices and unhealthy lifestyles, but a qualified cardiologist in Perth WA can provide effective treatments that – in many cases – guarantee lasting results.

At Access Cardiology, we employ the brightest and most experienced cardiologists in Perth and utilise the most advanced equipment, techniques and equipment to diagnose heart problems accurately and treat conditions effectively. Even if you just want to check your heart’s health and learn how to improve it, our cardiologists can lend a helping hand.

Below, we detail some of the small lifestyle changes that can have a big impact on your heart’s health to help you minimise the risk of cardiovascular disease. But first, we talk about why now is the time to take heart health seriously.

Heart Disease: Australia’s Biggest Killer

Heart disease claims more Australian lives than any other health condition – and by quite a margin. In 2013, for example, ischemic heart disease took the lives of 28,869 Australians, earning it the number one spot on the causes of death leaderboard, but strokes, in at number two, claimed 14,633 lives, almost half that of heart disease.

A study of fatal diseases conducted between 1990 and 2013 showed that while fewer people are dying from heart disease nowadays, it still remains the leading cause of death. If that’s not enough to show you why now is the time to make some lifestyle changes, the following statistics might change your mind:

  • Cardiovascular disease claims an Australian life every 12 minutes.
  • It was responsible for up to 490,000 hospitalisations in 2014/15.
  • Over 45,000 Australians died of heart disease in 2015 alone, which equals about 30 percent of all deaths in that year.
  • Coronary heart disease affects approximately 1.2 million people in Australia.
  • In Australia, somebody has a heart attack every 10 minutes.
  • A recent study by the Karolinska Institute found that up to 80 percent of first-time heart attacks in men could be prevented.

Just think about that last statistic – we could reduce the number of first-time heart attacks by 80 percent. Clearly, if such a thing is possible, we ought to be taking steps to ensure it becomes a reality. Below, you’ll learn about which small lifestyle changes can work wonders for your heart.

How to Improve Your Heart’s Health

Only Perth cardiologists have the required training, experience and equipment to determine the current state of your heart accurately. More importantly, they can explain the steps you need to take to improve your heart’s condition and administer effective treatments to fight disease. However, you can make a few small changes without professional help to significantly improve your heart’s health and potentially live a longer, healthier and happier life.

  1. Make Time for a Daily 10-minute Walk

If you’re not a very active person, you can introduce a little exercise into your daily routine by going for a brief stroll. Even if you already exercise, adding an extra ten minutes of light activity to your day can work wonders for your heart.

  1. Work Your Muscles

Lifting a two-pound weight, such as a hardcover book, can improve the tone of your arm muscles and the health of your heart. You can move onto gym workouts when lifting small weights is no longer challenging.

  1. Add Some Fruit and Vegetables to Your Diet

The vitamins and nutrients found in fruit and vegetables are beneficial for every part of your body, from your bowels to your brains, and your heart is no exception.

  1. Enjoy a Hearty Breakfast

Instead of either skipping breakfast or snacking on junk food, start the day by eating a delicious and healthy whole grain-based meal complemented by a few slices of fresh fruit or a glass of orange juice.

  1. Stop Gulping Calories

By drinking just one less soda or latte a day, you can cut 100 calories from your diet. Over the space of a year, you could shed 10 pounds of weight.

  1. Be Smart with Your Snacks

Instead of reaching for a bag of chips or chocolate bar in between meals, grab a bag of nuts. Peanuts, walnuts and almonds are just a few examples of the healthy snacks that are great for your heart.

  1. Take Some Time Out

Stress, pressure and other negative emotional responses can all be disastrous for your heart’s health, especially if you experience such emotions too often. Try to think of all the things you’re thankful for every day, and breathe deeply for a few minutes every so often. You’d be surprised by how much of an impact a little relaxation can have on your heart.

Visit an Experienced Cardiologist in Perth WA

Sometimes, the things we do or don’t do can heighten the risk of getting heart disease later in life, but in other situations, there’s very little we can do to prevent heart conditions. Fortunately, thanks to the rapid advancements in the medical industry, we can treat many health conditions effectively.

At Access Cardiology in Perth, we offer treatments ranging from coronary angiograms to a renal artery denervation, but it all starts with having a consultation with one of our experienced professionals. Contact us today on (08) 9389 8658 to learn more about our services or to book an appointment with a highly experienced Perth cardiologist.